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Sunday wedding in Golitsyn club

When you hold a wedding event on Sundays to Thursdays, you will receive huge discounts!

Rent of banquet area - 50%

Cork collection - 50%

Organization of exit registration of marriage - 50%

Hotel room for newlyweds for free!

Cottage for 10 people - as a gift!

Sauna for 8 people (2 hours) - as a gift!

We offer 6 halls to choose from:

Grafsky Hall - accommodates 40 people for a banquet, 60 for a cocktail party.

Fireplace hall - accommodates 35 people for a banquet, 50 for a cocktail party.

VIP-hall - can accommodate up to 30 people in a banquet

Banquet hall - accommodates 160 people for a banquet, 200 for a cocktail party

Pine Tent - can hold up to 250 people for a banquet, up to 400 for a cocktail party

Tavern Fir - Holds up to 250 people for a banquet, up to 400 for a cocktail party

The cost of a wedding for one person is from 3000 rubles.

The price of a buffet table is from 1000 rubles

In calculating your wedding, we can provide the following services:

  • Banquet menu.

  • Cork collection.

  • Hall rental.

  • Festive decoration.

  • Outside registration.

  • Accommodation of guests in cottages and a hotel.

  • Transfer.

The banquet manager will offer you any entertainment, be it a host or fire show, a cover band or a dance group. All prices are negotiated with the manager individually, a menu is made, the day of your event is booked.

* When ordering a wedding event, our managers take all the trouble to organize a banquet for yourself !!!

And also we are happy to announce that the hotel room for newlyweds is provided - as a gift !!!

Order wedding celebration by phone:

8 (499) 393-31-11 or 8 (925) 727-92-33

You can send a request for the miscalculation of the wedding event by e-mail: