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Billiards in Golitsyn club

Bath and tables with Russian billiards in "Golitsyn Club "


Country hotel and entertainment complex         "Golitsyn Club" invites its guests to a game of billiards. Billiards is not just an entertaining entertainment,         he is recognized as the official sport in the world. Russian pyramid, American pool - everyone will be able to choose a view         billiards for the soul. Covering our billiard tables is of high quality, so nothing will prevent you         make an accurate hit and send the ball straight to the pocket. All inventory necessary for playing billiards, also meets         all quality standards. Playing billiards once, you will again and again be loaded into the excitement of this         an interesting game and acquire more and more professional skills.

The cost of playing billiards

  • Billiards (with free sauna) 1 hour - 500 ₽