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About the complex

Hotel and entertainment complex "Golitsyn Club"

Just a 40-minute drive from Moscow, in the magnificent Podmoskovny Forest, there is a comfortable hotel and entertainment complex "Golitsyn Club".

The Golitsyn Club complex has all the advantages of a modern hotel complex. On the territory there is a harmonious hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, equestrian club, gym and many more interesting and fascinating.


Events organization in "Golitsyn Club"

Our specialists have a great experience in organization of holidays. If this is a romantic meeting for two, we can arrange it so that your half will never forget this evening. With special care we treat weddings, the day the new family is born, everything should be perfect. Anniversary, wedding, corporate, graduation party, birthday - we equally responsibly approach the organization of any event.

Hotel in "Golitsyn Club"

The hotel in "Golitsyn Club" is a combination of comfort and high-class service. Each room is equipped with everything necessary to make your holiday full and cozy.

We value our customers, so every room is able to host guests with children. 

Cottage in "Golitsyn Club"

For lovers of being closer to nature, we suggest to stay and spend an unforgettable vacation in our cottages. All cottages are made of environmentally friendly materials, each has everything necessary for comfortable living. On the street near the cottages are equipped with comfortable gazebo and BBQ, everything to ensure that every guest is satisfied.

Golitsyn Restaurant

The highlight of our suburban hotel and entertainment complex is a restaurant. "Golitsyn" consists of the halls "Grafsky", "Fireplace", "Olympus" and "VIP", as well as from the luxurious tents "Pine" and "Spruce" in the open air. Thanks to the experienced team of professional chefs you can not just admire the assortment of dishes of our menu, but also order a banquet with the original decoration of the table.

Entertainment in "Golitsyn Club"

Stepping into the territory of our country club, you do not just find yourself in a charming place, but also plunge into the world of endless entertainment. Staying at our complex, you can use the services of the pool, and also visit the gym at a time convenient for you.